What is Pantespani about? 


It is about creativity in dessert making, it is about experimenting, photographing, and enjoying the process of making.

Cooking for Pantespani, is not only the result, it is the music you turn on while you whip that cream, about the mess, the flour and butter on the floor (maybe), about the agony before tasting.

Just find a free afternoon, put on some music and make your own experiment.

What am I about?


I found myself taking too many pictures as well as baking a lot, so I thought to combine my interests and share the outcome on this blog.

Normally the recipes are mine (inspired and combined from here and there), except if I say it is someone elses. I see every recipe constructed by building blocks, so I might use a dough from one recipe, a filling from another, and a topping of my choice.

I keep the post content in Greek.

You can find more photos (non food related) here:

My 500 px profile

 Hope you have fun with my ideas!




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